Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One gear fine for me

Have you every wonder what was as easy as walking comfy as a bike but fun like a skateboard. I have the answer... (Drum roll please)... unicycle. Though it has one wheel unicycle is definitely a sport to consider. This is not like the other sports because of a few reasons. It not something you learn but something you master. To be able to ride a unicycle you need to be able to have patient. I know this is tiring to hear (my parents have been yanking me about this for years) but the most important part of unicycle is patient. Then comes the fun. Maybe it’s as you whiz through town streets or as you do tricks at a skate park, everyone watching you, (or if you’re like me getting extra candy on Halloween for your “effort”). No matter what other people say unicycle is a true skill.

I have recently gone to the beach with my unicycle. Boy was it fun। All beach accesses stairs were perfectly made so you can to go up and down. Or maybe you prefer to set up sea coral and jump over it . And as the cool breeze of the ocean front in an old town with shimmering light pools you ride smoothly maybe doing a trick or two as the older men drink watching you do your act.. you might end up with a couple dollars. Or maybe some of you like me have tried to do it in the mountains or MUni. Which is fun and game till you fall and cut up your legs just to get up raging with more ambition in your eyes. This time you bounce of a rock or two. And as most of you have tried the urban jungle is fantastic. You attempt dodge people left and right and whiz by corners and grinding down poles. Unicycle is defiantly an all terrain machine.

If you want (and please do) post comments about your adventure and or send me an email and ill be glad to write it in my next article.

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mskad said...

Your blog rocks! I would love to do unicycle. Is it hard to learn?