Thursday, November 22, 2007

the wonderful types of unicycles

There are many types of unicycle such as freestyle, giraffes, trials, rough terrain, and cruisers. In the next article you will learn about all of these.
First lets start of with freestyle. Free style unicycle are commonly 20 . Though it is not uncommon to see a 24inch wheel. This is because Though a 24-inch wheel can offer an advantage for certain types of stunts, such as spins, the 20-inch wheel offers advantages for the vast majority of unicycler skills due to its smaller size and lighter weight. The freestyle unicycle is optimized for indoor use so it usually have no metal part that touch the floor. Freestyle unicycles are made strong enough to withstand unusual forces on it. Normally they have a foot crown to put your foot on it (though there is nothing worn with a round curve for my unicycle is curved).Though a Trials unicycle can be a decent alternative freestyle unicycle, the crank arms may be too long. It though just a possible to do tricks with other unicycles though I wouldn’t consider doing inside because most other unicycle have metal pedals.
Giraffes are a tall unicycle. They are usually 5 or 6 feet and an impressive height to be.
Rough terrain paths are more commonly called Mountain Unicycling or Muni. They are used to go up or down hill through dirt and uneven land. They are pretty fun knowing that they can go anywhere a bike can and more and more riders are trying them. It started when people started discovery how cool it was but it beat up there unicycles. Still persistent rider started to evolve the unicycle giving it griping pedals a bigger tire and longer crank arms and adding brakes. Not to mention they added a splined axle which has a larger effective diameter, a better attachment method for the crank arms, and is just plain stronger than traditional axles by a large margin. There are two other types of rough terrain Handmade vs. mass-produced frame. The differences is that the hand made are better in every field but if everything doubles so does they price and boy can they be costly.
The next unicycle I want to mention is the cruisers. They unicycle are wonderful for fitness and I believe even better than biking. The usually have a big diameter wheel anywhere from 29 to the big 39 inch wheel. These unicycle are only good if you don’t plan on doing any tricks.
The last unicycle I am going to mention is the trail unicycle. A trials unicycle is specifically made to withstand and assist hopping and riding over obstacles, and not necessarily at going places. 20-inch is the preferred wheel size, because the smaller wheel is lighter and more maneuverable. Because of the constant pounding a trials unicycle endures, it must have a very strong axle and crank set. A fat tire completes the trials image, for a cycle with lots of bounce for those hops and drops. If you are interested in a type of freestyle where you hop and don’t plan on going any distance or doing tricks inside the trials is a very adequate substitute for freestyle unicycle.
I hope you enjoyed this introductory on unicycles please leave a comment. =)

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